How to Get the Job You’re Underqualified For

If you really want something and put in the effort to achieve your goal, you are ahead of the game. Focus on conveying enthusiasm and resolve. If you're not too far off the mark when it comes to the requirements for a position, showing commitment and enthusiasm for growing into the position can count for a lot.

The business market is evolving. It has changed so much in recent years – the expansion of remote working made more opportunities available, resulting in job application processes becoming more competitive. In more competitive surroundings, entrepreneurs can easily choose their perfect candidate. But, on the other hand, it became harder to be that ideal candidate they’re searching for, especially if your qualifications are not precisely the top-notch correspondent to their requirements. However, don’t fret – we’re here to show you how to get the job you’re underqualified for and slay the application process.

Provide them with what they need but don’t know they’re missing

The first thing you need to do is – look in the mirror. Why are you applying? Why are you convinced you’re perfect for the job? Even if you don’t have every quality they’re looking for in an applicant, you could have more of the qualities they value than anybody else who applies. You can be short in experience and still make an excellent candidate.

Put your best foot forward by highlighting your strengths and diverting attention from the employer’s list to your own. You never know; you could have qualifications they didn’t even know they were missing. Argue that your particular set of experiences makes you even more qualified for the position, and explain why and how.

Make up the blanks

It might be tough to hear (if you weren’t aware of it already), but the dominant strategy amongst recruiters in almost every company ever is – elimination. When faced with an endless pile of CVs, a prospective recruiter will make the first cut by finding a lack of required skills, education, or experience. One blank, two blanks, third major blank – and the only place your CV is going to is a trash can.

If you’re missing relevant experience or talents, use your cover letter to explain your situation and make up for it. Make a positive, brief, and compelling argument for why they should give your CV another look in spite of its flaws. Let’s see some integrity. Although you aren’t the ideal applicant, you could be the best person for the position.

Exhibit enthusiasm

If you really want something and are willing to put in the effort to achieve your goal, you have made significant progress. Focus on conveying enthusiasm and resolve. If you’re not too far off the mark about the job’s specifications, the remainder may typically be picked up via on-the-job training. Even if you struggle with learning new things as an adult, you can overcome this if you put your mind to it. Exhibit the appropriate amount of enthusiasm, show how near you are to achieving their ideal, and allow them to see the extent to which you will try to catch up.

Consider bootcamp programs

As one action is better than a thousand words, the recruiter will undoubtedly value your CV more if you try to catch up. For example, suppose you’re eager to pursue a career in sales and have zero experience in it. In that case, it’s unlikely they’ll call you for an interview based on your opinion of your persuasive skills. But, if you apply for a sales and B2B camp and learn through it, you’ll show them you’re a serious candidate that is not afraid to work on their flaws.

Use affirmative speech as a sneaky little trick

Let’s dive into a bit of psychology. Try not to use phrases like “I don’t know…” or “maybe” while being truthful. The phrases “I’ve never done…” or “I don’t have the experience to…” are synonyms for “I’m not qualified to…” Use more upbeat language such as “I’m keen to discover…” “I’d love to work on…” etc. Recognize your current limitations in terms of knowledge and resources, but also make it apparent that you are well aware of these things and willing to take the necessary steps to close this gap.

Keep your sights set on reaching your full potential

Prove that you have the motivation and intelligence to pick up the necessary skills and information, even if you don’t have them right off the bat. Play up your motivation and desire. Often, a drive and eagerness to learn are what makes a recruiter at least think twice about an underqualified candidate. Highlight your ability to learn rapidly, and provide examples of times when you swiftly mastered a new skill. Don’t promise to start off strong, but show interest in acquiring the necessary skills as you go.

Should you apply?

We would like to answer this with a counter question – what have you got to lose? It doesn’t cost a thing to send your CV and a cover letter (besides your time). You might actually impress the desired company. But, if you don’t apply, that will certainly not happen.

The key is attitude. Instead of doubting yourself, try planning the next step in the process. If your dream job is not in the city, you’re currently in, start planning to move for a job in your head. Since these kinds of relocations are often on short notice, make sure to consider how’d you organize the whole packing for a short notice mover. You can even consider which movers you’d like to help you so you can do this quickly and efficiently. It’s all in the attitude.

Can you get a job you’re underqualified for?

If you’re asking us – can you get a job you’re underqualified for, we say – absolutely! It’s a common misconception in the job market that you need to match all of the job requirements in order to get your dream job. In reality, there are so many more important things than just a checklist on paper. Make sure to try some of these things out. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. And – bite! Bite all the opportunities presented to you by the tail, no matter how small they seem at the moment, and don’t let go. Having a leap of faith and a dream is as important as having all the requirements you may come across. If you have any trouble or questions, we will be here for you, as we always are. Good luck and happy job hunting!

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To be admitted and accepted into the program, you must be:
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