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What is our application process?

The online application is simple and should take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Step 1

After having reviewed our eligibility requirements, please complete our contact form. This will officially begin your enrollment process.

We’ll ask you for your CV, so make sure it’s up-to-date with all your relevant experience and your skillset. We aren’t expecting you to have industry experience, but we expect you to reach the following blog articles before applying to the program to prepare you for success.

Inform yourself about the B2B tech sales industry before applying to ensure your success.

Step 2

Complete the full application form. We will ask you short answer questions to assess your skills, motivations, confidence, and career goals.

You should answer the questions in own words (no plagiarism) and they should reflect a 100-200 word response (about three short paragraphs) per question. Answers should be written in full sentences and reflect the strength of your written abilities. The questions are:

  • Why are you excited about a career in B2B tech sales?
  • Describe how your skills from your previous work experience or lived experience make you great for the role.
  • How does SalesCamp align with your career goals?

To answer some of these questions, you may need to do independent research about the field. We expect you to articulate why you are ready to transition (right now) into a B2B tech sales career, not just why it interests you. We are looking for candidates who will enter the job market immediately after finishing the program and who demonstrate eagerness for their career transition journey.

Please note that this is a competitive program, and your answers to these questions will define if your application moves forward to the next stage.

Step 3

Our Admissions Team will reach out via email within a few days to advise you if we will be moving forward with your application and booking an online interview with you. Please check your junk and promotions folders regularly.  

You can expect a 1-3 day business day time for us to contact you. We may follow up with additional questions if anything in your application was not clear.

Step 4

If selected, you’ll meet with our Admissions Team in a 30-minute Zoom interview. We are looking for potential and passion! Please treat this as you would a real interview. 

We will ask about your goals for transitioning into a career in tech sales, as well as other questions that will help us understand your strengths, transferable skills, and how you’ve managed to overcome obstacles in the past. Please ensure you have rehearsed these answers prior to the interview.


  • Set yourself up for success, review these Zoom interview tips.
  • Highlight your experiences by answering questions using the STAR method.
  • Reflect on your strengths and how it will benefit you in a B2B tech sales career.



Step 5

Your application process is complete! 

The Programs Recruitment Lead will be in touch within a few days to let you know the outcome of your application. If accepted, you’ll be notified by email and sent your payment options. You will then need to accept your offer to fully enroll.

If you need to contact our admissions team for any reason, please email us.

Ready to take your next steps?

Start your salesCamp application

To begin the application process, please fill out your contact information. 

By continuing to the next stage of the form, you are indicating your interest in officially enrolling in SalesCamp. 

Our program is competitive and has limited space per cohort, so remember to adhere to all our admissions deadlines to ensure your application can be processed in time for your upcoming program. 

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