Why B2B tech sales is the right career for problem-solvers!

B2B tech sales is a great career choice for people who love solving problems. Great companies need people who can understand the needs of business, and help them find the right solutions.

Puzzles and personality

Do you like puzzles? Are you the kind of person who enjoys solving difficult problems? Maybe you find yourself jumping in to find solutions when other people walk away. If this is you, most likely you have a problem-solver personality. So what are some of the characteristics of a great problem-solver? 

According to some people, one of the most important qualities is perseverance. After all, complex problems take time to figure out, so being able to stick with a problem is a real asset. It’s not so much that great problem-solvers are obstinate. What they do have is the ability to spend time with the problem they want to solve

Another characteristic critical for untangling thorny problems is being open-minded et adaptable. Difficult problems take us into unfamiliar situations, so being able to call on creativity and imagination is key. That includes being able to listen to—and assess—the input of others.

This leads us to another personality trait of great problem-solvers. We sometimes think that people who are good at solving puzzles prefer to work alone. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite. The personality type best suited to solving complex problems belongs to the person who thrives when working with other people

Finally, you won’t be surprised to know that having a strong sense of curiosity is a tell-tale sign of someone who can discover a solution where others have failed. 

Does your career fit you?

If all of this describes you, then it’s worth asking if your career is the right match for your personality. When it comes down to it, not all careers challenge us mentally. And while working in a predictable, low-stress job is great for some, it can be unendurable for those who enjoy taking risks, and want the opportunity to let their problem-solving skills shine. 

If you are beginning to think your current work doesn’t match your personality type, then maybe it’s time to find a career path that will reward you—not only financially, but mentally as well. One place to start is by getting a better sense of your personality type, and what your skills really are. There are many different tests you can find online to uncover your aptitude for creative problem-solving, for example. From there, you can begin to explore different career possibilities with career quizzes and tests.

But just a minute! At Palette Skills, we know about a great career that matches your personality, offers great financial rewards, and best of all, is one that you can begin almost right away, no matter what your background is. Interested? 

Why B2B tech sales is the right career for problem-solvers!

We thought you would be! Business-to-business (B2B) tech sales is a rapidly growing industry, with increasing demand for skilled professionals who can help businesses navigate the complex world of technology. For those who love solving problems, B2B tech sales can be the ideal career path. 

Don’t be intimidated if you think you don’t have enough tech skills. Remember that B2B tech companies are not just looking for software engineers, they also need people to sell their tech. More often than not, that means someone who can listen to and understand business needs and problems, and find solutions.

You’ll be solving real problems for businesses

Businesses today rely heavily on technology to operate efficiently and stay competitive. However, not all businesses have the expertise or resources to effectively implement and manage technology solutions. This is where B2B tech sales professionals come in. In this role, you’ll be helping businesses identify their pain points, and recommending technology solutions to solve their problems. By working in B2B tech sales, you’ll be making a tangible difference in the success of businesses, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping solve real-world problems.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and staying up to date with the latest trends and advancements is a must for anyone working in B2B tech sales. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology solutions and stay at the forefront of the industry. For those who love solving problems, this is an exciting prospect, as it means that you’ll be constantly challenged to come up with innovative solutions that meet the needs of your clients.

You’ll be working with a diverse range of businesses and industries

One of the most interesting facets of a career in B2B tech sales is the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses and industries. Whether you’re working with a small start-up or a multinational corporation, each client will have their unique challenges and requirements. This means that you’ll have to be adaptable and creative in your problem-solving approach, which can be both challenging and rewarding.

You’ll have the potential for a high earning potential

Finally, B2B tech sales professionals are in high demand, and as such, they often enjoy a high earning potential. According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a B2B tech sales representative in Canada is around $50,000 per year, with the potential to earn much more through commissions and bonuses. So if you enjoy solving problems, we think that having the opportunity to earn a high income while doing something you love should be a great motivator.

Have you heard about SalesCamp?

We think that B2B tech sales is an ideal career path for people who love solving problems. How do we know? Simple. Our flagship upskilling program is the wildly successful B2B SalesCamp. SalesCamp is a 6-week hands-on, live and online career transition and upskilling program designed to give you the practical skills you need to succeed in B2B tech sales. Best of all, it’s designed for people with experience in other industries, and who are looking to make an exciting career change. Start solving problems in your new career, and register for SalesCamp!

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Eligibility for SalesCamp

To be admitted and accepted into the program, you must be:
  • Être en recherche active d'emploi et prêt à saisir les opportunités d'emploi dans le domaine de la vente de technologies.
  • Être en mesure de travailler légalement au Canada 
  • Ne pas être un étudiant à temps plein.
  • Être une personne très motivée, à la recherche active de nouvelles opportunités.
  • Avoir au moins 3 ans d'expérience professionnelle formelle au Canada ou à l'étranger.
  • Avoir un niveau d'anglais de 8 dans le cadre des NCLC ou de 6,5 dans le cadre de l'IELTS.
  • Être disponible pour les sessions Zoom, dont beaucoup seront à temps plein.
  • Être capable de participer à des journées de réseautage dans le cadre de la programmation régulière et s'engager à le faire.
  • Être à l'aise avec la technologie et l'apprentissage en ligne.
  • Vivre ou avoir l'intention de vivre dans la province où le programme est offert.
  • Disposer d'une connexion Internet fiable, d'un appareil et d'un environnement calme pour l'apprentissage virtuel.
  • S'engager et être capable de rejoindre le Main d'œuvre canadienne à temps plein immédiatement après le programme.
You may not be eligible if:
  • You do not pass our application and/or interview skills assessment. 
  • You are not actively searching or able to start a job in business-to-business tech sales.
  • You are not able to legally work in Canada.
  • You do not reside in the province where the program is operating.
  • You are going to school full-time.
  • You do not have three years of work experience outside of your studies.
  • You are interested in taking SalesCamp solely for learning purposes, but are building your own business and not intending to work in the field.

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