We find the talent that fast growing companies need.


Join SalesCamp as a hiring partner and find great sales talent fast.

Stop trying to find a needle in a haystack. Palette’s SalesCamp program brings together a pool of talented, qualified workers who are eager to join your company. Hire someone full time or bring one of our participants for a 3 month no-risk job placement and be blown away by what you get.

The next cohort starts in September 2019.



Try-before-you-hire job placement

Test out the potential of new workers to determine whether their skills and attitudes are the right fit for your company.

Program co-design

Contribute to the design and delivery of the training to ensure your recruits develop the right skills for your company and hit the ground running.

Faster hires, lower cost

New positions take on average 2.5 months to fill - senior roles even longer. Palette will have a highly skilled candidate placed with your company in 6 weeks or less.


SalesCamp Details:

  • SalesCamp is Palette’s first upskilling program, taking place in the GTA and targeting well qualified workers for jobs in B2B sales at fast growing tech companies

  • Signing on to be a hiring partner means you are willing to take on a worker (or a few!) for a 3 month job placement starting in the Fall. Want to go straight to a full time hire? Great! Go for it.

  • You also have the opportunity to provide input into the design of the program to ensure participants are getting trained in exactly what your company needs. Agreeing to be a hiring partner does not commit you to hiring, but gives you first choice of candidates.

  • Some hiring partners will be eligible to receive up to $3,000 in wage subsidies to support the on-the-job training taking place during the job placement.

Who You Are:

  • A company in the GTA seeking qualified, talented B2B sales staff.

  • Ready to participate in a 3 month job placements which could lead to a permanent position.

  • Engaged senior leadership open to adopting innovative hiring or on-boarding processes.

  • Willing to provide input into what skills should be taught and the most effective ways to teach it (from your perspective).

Interested, but don’t need sales people or not in tech?

Sales is the first talent field that we are working on, but won’t be the only one soon. In the tech space we’ve heard from a lot of partners about the need for QA talent too. We’re on it, so reach out if that would be a program you’re interested in being part of.

For those companies outside of tech, we’re actively developing pilots in other sectors and regions. We’re trying to figure out where the most demand is and how we could create the biggest impact, so if you have thoughts, opportunities or anything else to share send us an email at hello@paletteskills.org. We’d love to chat.