The challenge

As an employer at an innovative and fast growing firm, you know that the key to your success is having the right people with the right skills on your team. You’re not alone.

Canada has one of the most highly educated, highly skilled workforces in the world. However, at Palette, over and over again we hear from many promising Canadian companies that they are struggling to find talent with the right skills necessary to realize their full potential.

Our goal is to help companies tap into a pipeline
of talented workers with the right skills and experience.

Faster Hires, Lower Cost

New positions take on average 2.5 months to fill - senior roles even longer. Palette will have a highly skilled candidate placed with your company in 6 weeks or less.

Wage Subsidy

Receive a wage subsidy to support the wages of the trainee during their job placement.

Program Co-Design

Ensure that this new pool of talent is trained in the most relevant skills needed by scaling tech businesses by contributing to the design and delivery of the program, including curriculum design, staff instruction or real-life project contribution.

Try-Before-You-Hire Job Placement

Test out the potential of new workers by bringing them on for a three month job placement to support their learning and determine whether their skills and attitudes are the right fit for the company.

Why work with us


What we’re looking for

We’re looking for companies with one or more of these characteristics:

  • A small- or medium-sized company with more than 50 employees.

  • Engaged senior leadership open to adopting innovative hiring or on-boarding processes.

  • Willing to provide input into what skills should be taught and the most effective ways to teach it (from your perspective).

  • Capable of taking on workers for 3-4 month job placements and open to hiring them at the end of the placement.