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How to develop and grow your agriculture technology workforce

Our program focuses on developing and preparing individuals for high-demand positions in digital agriculture, making it an ideal choice for Canadian companies aiming to enhance their talent pool.

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Finding top talent in agriculture technology:

A challenge for many businesses

Are you struggling to find the right agtech talent to take your digital agriculture business to the next level? You’re not alone. Many businesses in Canada face the same challenge. 

Hiring skilled agtech professionals is essential for staying ahead of the competition, but the process of finding and hiring top talent can be time-consuming and challenging.

Your solution for finding the best agtech talent

Palette Skills provides a solution to the challenge of finding top agtech talent. Our group of program graduates has undergone rigorous and intensive hands-on training, allowing us to provide you with access to the best and brightest in the field. 

By partnering with us for hiring, we will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your business and talent requisites, ensuring that our program outcomes perfectly align with your hiring criteria.

We not only understand your needs but also provide access to a talented talent pool, enabling you to recruit from a pool of highly skilled individuals who have successfully completed our programs. 

Automation & digital agriculture specialist program

Our candidates can contribute to the growth and success of your organization as a(n):

Why hire Palette Skills graduates?

Save time & money

We understand the significant costs associated with recruiting and hiring new employees, which can average around $19,000 per hire. That's why we're here to help you save on costs and expedite your recruiting process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.

Skilled candidates

Our rigorous selection process ensures that the individuals who participate in our programs are motivated, skilled, and actively seeking opportunities. By having early access to this exclusive talent pipeline, you can get a head start in identifying and securing the best candidates for your organization.

Experienced professionals

We attract a unique cohort of professionals who are not just entry-level workers but mid-level and management-level individuals with a wealth of experience and expertise. Our participants who have already established themselves in their respective fields and are looking to pivot or advance their careers.

Our graduates have:

12 years of work experience on average.

Project management, data analysis and leadership skills.

Experience in sectors like engineering, finance, and resource production.

What does a partnership look like?

Step 1

Register as a hiring partner to be matched with our employer partnerships team. We'll get to know more about you, your business, and your hiring needs.

Internet of things in Alberta
Step 2

You will be invited to participate in live demonstrations, online presentations, and networking events where you can meet our talented participants directly.

Step 3

Our team will connect you with our motivated, ambitious, and upskilled job seeking candidates, who are looking for work in the field. There is no cost associated to our talent matching services.

Ways to get involved

Partner with us at no cost and access the talent you need today. 

Networking events
Showcase & Mentorship
Tours & Demos
Feedback & Evaluation

digital agriculture AlbertaJoin us for our exciting and interactive monthly virtual networking events designed to connect top-notch talent with forward-thinking companies. Our highly anticipated two-hour events are a must-attend for hiring managers and professionals seeking to forge meaningful connections and uncover exceptional career opportunities.

At our networking events, we bring together a diverse pool of participants who possess a wide range of skills and experiences. Our events are the perfect platform to meet exceptional candidates who can contribute to your company's success. These intimate conversations offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper into each candidate's background, assess their fit within your organization, and gain valuable insights into their potential contributions.

We understand that the guidance and insights provided by industry professionals can have a profound impact on individuals seeking to enhance their careers. That's why we extend a warm invitation to employment partners to join us as guest speakers and presenters throughout our programs.

By becoming a guest speaker, you have the incredible opportunity to change somebody's life for the better. Your industry knowledge, expertise, and personal experiences can serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to aspiring professionals who are eager to learn and grow.

As part of our program, companies also extend their expertise to participants, serving as mentors. Mentors provide invaluable guidance, support, and real-world insights, helping individuals navigate their career paths and gain a competitive edge in the agtech industry.

digital agriculture Alberta Our demos and facility tours provide an exclusive opportunity for employers to share insights about their company, showcase their facilities, and demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies to a highly targeted audience of job seekers seeking employment in the agtech field.

Through guided tours, participants can witness firsthand the state-of-the-art equipment, research labs, production areas, and other key aspects of your organization. Demonstrating practical applications of your products or services allows job seekers to witness the transformative potential of your offerings and gain a deeper understanding of the advancements you are driving.
As a valued partner, your feedback on the usefulness of our agtech upskilling program is invaluable in helping us refine and enhance the program to better serve the needs of both job seekers and employers like yourself.

Your input will directly influence the curriculum, training methodologies, and industry-specific content, ensuring that our program remains cutting-edge and aligned with the evolving demands of the agtech sector.

Register Now

Are you prepared to transform your digital agriculture business with top-tier agtech talent? Register as an employer partner with Palette Skills today and be introduced to your next key hire. Enter your contact information to be paired with a member of our team for a consultation on your hiring and talent needs.

Eligibility for SalesCamp

To be admitted and accepted into the program, you must be:
  • Be actively searching for work and ready to take on employment opportunities tech sales.
  • Be able to legally work in Canada. 
  • Not be a full-time student.
  • Be a highly motivated individual actively seeking out new opportunities.
  • Have least 3 years of formal work experience in Canada or abroad.
  • Have an English language rating of CLB Level 8, or IELTS of 6.5 overall.
  • Be available for Zoom sessions, many of which will be full-time.
  • Be able and committed to attending networking day events as part of regular programming.
  • Be comfortable using technology and learning online.
  • Live or intend to live in the province where the program is being offered.
  • Have a reliable internet connection, device, and a quiet environment for virtual learning.
  • Be committed and able to join the Canadian workforce full-time immediately following the program.
You may not be eligible if:
  • You do not pass our application and/or interview skills assessment. 
  • You are not actively searching or able to start a job in business-to-business tech sales.
  • You are not able to legally work in Canada.
  • You do not reside in the province where the program is operating.
  • You are going to school full-time.
  • You do not have three years of work experience outside of your studies.
  • You are interested in taking SalesCamp solely for learning purposes, but are building your own business and not intending to work in the field.

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Download the Fact Sheet

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