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Elevate your skills and gain the confidence to succeed in business-to-business tech sales with SalesCamp’s intensive coaching and unmatched employer connections. We’ll help you get started on a new career. 

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Our alumni have transitioned careers & been hired by companies all across Canada!

What is SalesCamp?

SalesCamp is a 6-week hands-on, live and online career transition and upskilling program designed to show you the practical skills you need to succeed in a B2B tech sales role. It is for professionals who already have previous work experience in another industry, and are looking to make a dedicated career change.

Our program will help you redefine your mindset and learn the practices that are required to be effective as a member of a tech sales selling team, while introducing you to our extensive network of Canadian employers to ensure your future career success.

How can SalesCamp help you start a new career?

SalesCamp won Gold at The Stevie® Awards for Sales Training or Coaching Program of the Year in the Technology Industries category!

What is SalesCamp?

SalesCamp is a 6-week hands-on, live and online career transition and upskilling program designed to show you the practical skills you need to succeed in a B2B tech sales role. It is for professionals who already have previous work experience in another industry, and are looking to make a dedicated career change.

Our program will help you redefine your mindset and learn the practices that are required to be effective as a member of a tech sales selling team, while introducing you to our extensive network of Canadian employers to ensure your future career success.

How can SalesCamp help you start a new career?

500 +
people have gone through our programs
43 %
of job offers came from our employer partners
35 %
of grads receive a promotion within 18 months
90 %
of grads would recommend you take SalesCamp

What is B2B tech sales?

B2B sales, or business-to-business sales, is the process of selling products or services from one business to another. B2B sales are done through various channels, like face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails, online platforms, and more. 

The sales process typically involves identifying potential customers, nurturing relationships with them, and ultimately closing deals. A big focus in B2B sales in building long-term relationships with customers, understanding their unique needs and challenges and tailoring solution to meet those needs.

Sales Development Representatives or a Business Development Representatives are the standard entry level positions in tech sales.
Average salary
An Account Manager or Customer Success Manager is part salesperson, and part customer service representative. They are responsible for customers who have already purchased a product or service.
Average salary
An Account Executive helps qualified, interested customers through the buying process, builds relationships, provides information and product or service demos, and even negotiates prices and contracts.
Average salary
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An Ever-Growing Industry
According to Sales Talent Agency, there are 771,787 sales professionals in B2B right now. With a near even split between genders, the opportunities are endless for anyone with a passion for sales.
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Employers are looking for talent
In Canada, there are nearly 1,400 job vacancies for B2B sales representatives as of March 2023.
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Future Labour Market Growth
According to LinkedIn, the role of Sales Development Representative is one of the top 20 job titles in high demand for 2023.
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Small and Medium Enterprises
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are responsible for over 40% of Canada's GDP, and many of these businesses operate in B2B industries.
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Top In Demand Roles
B2B sales and marketing professionals are among the top in-demand roles for small businesses in Canada.
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Why switch to a career
in tech sales?

Who is a great fit for SalesCamp?

Mid-career professionals
Palette Skills SalesCamp Career Training Program

Mid-career professionals often have years of experience in a different industry, which can give them a valuable understanding of the challenges and pain points faced by potential clients. Furthermore, tech sales can offer opportunities for career growth.

people looking to break into tech
B2B Tech Sales High paying Job Canada

The Canadian tech industry is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic in the world. By entering the tech industry through a sales role, individuals can gain valuable exposure and build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for a future career in a high-growth industry.

newcomers to Canada

Newcomers to Canada can excel in tech sales roles due to their multilingual skills and diverse backgrounds. Our program helps newcomers who already have experience working in business-to-business sales in another market effectively transition to a tech sales role in Canada.

people returning to work

People with gaps in their work experience can be a good fit for a tech sales role because they often have transferable skills, unique perspectives, and valuable life experiences that can help them succeed in sales. Additionally, tech sales roles often offer the flexibility they are looking for.

What transferable skills do you need to have?

Are you eligible for SalesCamp?

How can we help you make the leap to B2B tech sales?

The program is designed to help future sales reps develop a wide range of skills, from communication and relationship building to prospecting, closing deals, and managing accounts.

SalesCamp offers job search resources such as resume review, interview review, and salary negotiation preparation to support sales professionals land their dream job in the tech sales industry. We do not guarantee a job following the program, but we do help set you up for personal success.

Our connections come in the form of direct partnerships with Canadian companies and organizations in the tech sales industry. Employers are directly involved in our program design and delivery, including being present at program events and workshops.

SalesCamp provides connections through networking opportunities and events where sales professionals meet with hiring managers and recruiters throughout their program, and several times per quarter following program completion.

Our participants gain a better understanding of the industry and their own personal skill set. The coaching and mentorship offered in our programs helps boost their confidence in their ability to sell products and services to corporate clients.

The Palette Skills alumni community is great for helping individuals get a job in B2B tech sales and growing in their career because it provides access to a network of experienced sales professionals who can offer advice, guidance, and potential job leads. Our grads work at top companies all across Canada.

What you will learn

Sales Foundations

Our program covers the practices of prospecting, lead qualification, effective communication, objection handling, sales strategies and tactics, consultative sales methodology, and customer relationship building.

Personal Discovery

We’ll help you identify and communicate your unique value proposition to potential employers and provide personalized coaching for building a strong online presence.

Professional skills

Our program helps enable individuals to effectively perform their job duties, work collaboratively with others, and adapt to changing industry demands.

Job Readiness

Job readiness refers to an individual’s ability to meet the demands of a particular job or industry. We help support resume and cover letter template creation, interview preparation guides, networking strategies, and access to job postings and industry insights.

With TD's support, prepare to launch your career in the thriving field of B2B tech sales through SalesCamp

Our instructors


Kris Kinnoch

Sales Trainer

Kris Kinnoch is a dynamic, results-driven Sales Trainer. He boasts a diverse skill set with an emphasis on developing and implementing training programs and practices and creating inclusive learning environments. Kris’ focus on creating a supportive, inclusive environment and emphasis on best practices for sales training ensures that individuals maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Lori Judis

Sales Trainer

Lori Judis comes to Palette Skills from the ed tech world, where she spent the last few years working in Customer Success. Prior to this, she worked in Sales, Sales Coaching, Program Management and Community Relations. Lori recently completed her master’s in Education with a focus on adult learning. Her true passion is creating interactive training through facilitation by which she can build authentic and positive relationships with others, helping them excel in their careers.

Course Structure

Meet Our Alumni

Praise From Our Alumni Community

What is our application process?

Step 1

Complete the full application form and follow instructions carefully.

Step 2

Our Admissions Team will reach out to you if you've been selected for an interview.

Step 3

We'll conduct a 30-minute Zoom interview and screening.

Step 4

We will advise you if you have been accepted into SalesCamp!

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Start Learning Today

You will receive a certificate of completion upon graduating SalesCamp.

We’ve had over 500+ participants graduate our program.

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You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Questions

The program has been valued at $3,000 CAD, and includes the many events, activities, facilitators, and partners who take part in the program.

Check out our Financial Aid Opportunities page for information on payment and tuition assistance. We’ll let you know if scholarships are available where you live!!

Pay at once: You can pay the full amount in a single payment. At this time, we do not have a monthly payment option. 


No. Participants do receive a certificate of completion, as well as top-level training and connections with industry. 

Palette Skills’ programs are demand-driven and designed in partnership with industry and academic leaders. 

Yes.  All program components during the core experience feature live instruction, supplemented with approximately one hour of independent work required daily outside of the scheduled 9:15 a.m – 5:00 p.m course schedule.

No. SalesCamp is an experience-driven program with sales challenges integrated into the course. All activities are designed to build confidence and skills. 

Our employer partners are different for each cohort of SalesCamp! What brings them together is the need for new talent. You can expect to connect with 10-15 employer partners during your SalesCamp experience and our networking events. We have worked with over 200 companies across the country, including Softchoice, D2L, Klue, and many more!

Program Eligibility

SalesCamp empowers participants with industry knowledge and skills for transitioning to in-demand roles in tech sales. Participants must be committed and able to join the workforce full-time after finishing SalesCamp. If you’re already in a college or university, we recommend applying to the program after you graduate.

To be eligible for SalesCamp, applicants are required to have 3 years of work experience.

No. SalesCamp is an intensive experience-based training program. Participants are required to attend all sessions from 9am to 5pm, in addition to homework assignments. 

SalesCamp receives many applications, so we recommend applying at least two weeks before the start date. 

Application Process

Palette Skills has currently made SalesCamp accessible in Alberta and Saskatchewan, expanding its offerings from the initial availability in British Columbia and Ontario. Stay connected to hear about when SalesCamp will be coming to you! 

Yes. Interviews are recorded to assist with application decisions. 

We’re looking for people-focused individuals with drive, and who are exceptional communicators. We don’t require specific professional experience, but customer-facing experience is a plus. 

Think of the interview like it’s for a job. Dress business casual, and make sure your background is professional.

Be ready to talk about your goals, your work and volunteer experiences. We’ll want to know about everything that makes you a good fit for SalesCamp and the tech sales career path. Research job interview questions online and prepare your answers.

Industry & Career Success

B2B sales is business-to-business sales. To learn more about the industry, check out this article.

Opportunities in sales are endless! People typically enter the industry as a BDR (Business Development Representative) or an SDR (Sales Development Representative). Check out this article to learn more about opportunities in sales.

There is no guaranteed job after the program. But job placement is our #1 metric, so we work with participants to help them transition into new roles. SalesCamp staff regularly check in with participants up to 6 months after completion of the program.

Palette staff connects with participants with weekly check-ins during the 4-week extended experience, and facilitates the creation of accountability partners. 

Palette Skills welcomes and encourages applications from persons with disabilities. Our goal is to provide assistance for accommodations required during our admissions process and program.

let's get started

Have questions about the program? We're here to help.

Our number one priority is helping land a great job in a growing industry. If you’ve got questions about the program or application process, just complete the form here or email us.

Eligibility for SalesCamp

To be admitted and accepted into the program, you must be:
  • Be actively searching for work and ready to take on employment opportunities tech sales.
  • Be able to legally work in Canada. 
  • Not be a full-time student.
  • Be a highly motivated individual actively seeking out new opportunities.
  • Have least 3 years of formal work experience in Canada or abroad.
  • Have an English language rating of CLB Level 8, or IELTS of 6.5 overall.
  • Be available for Zoom sessions, many of which will be full-time.
  • Be able and committed to attending networking day events as part of regular programming.
  • Be comfortable using technology and learning online.
  • Live or intend to live in the province where the program is being offered.
  • Have a reliable internet connection, device, and a quiet environment for virtual learning.
  • Be committed and able to join the Canadian workforce full-time immediately following the program.
You may not be eligible if:
  • You do not pass our application and/or interview skills assessment. 
  • You are not actively searching or able to start a job in business-to-business tech sales.
  • You are not able to legally work in Canada.
  • You do not reside in the province where the program is operating.
  • You are going to school full-time.
  • You do not have three years of work experience outside of your studies.
  • You are interested in taking SalesCamp solely for learning purposes, but are building your own business and not intending to work in the field.

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