11 ressources pour préparer votre recherche d'emploi

Vous avez passé les dernières semaines à vous demander si vous deviez ou non franchir le pas et vous mettre enfin à la recherche d'un nouvel emploi. Si vous vous sentez dépassé, ne vous inquiétez pas, vous n'êtes pas seul. La recherche d'un emploi peut être une tâche décourageante, surtout si vous partez de zéro. Pour vous mettre sur la voie du succès, nous avons dressé une liste de 11 ressources qui vous aideront à vous préparer à l'emploi.
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You’ve spent the past few weeks diligently debating whether or not to take the plunge and finally start looking for a new job. You’ve read articles about how to know when it’s time to make a change, you’ve asked your friends and family for their opinion, and you’ve even taken an honest look at your current situation.

The result? You’re convinced: it’s time for a new challenge. But where to begin? Do you start with your network, resume, or a revamped LinkedIn profile? Does your job search strategy need a complete overhaul, or are you just missing a few key pieces?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Job searching can be a daunting task, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

To set you on the path to success, we’ve compiled a list of 11 resources that will help you get job-ready. Whether you’re looking to bolster your interview skills or improve your resume, the below resources have everything you need to get started.

1. A free resume builder – Job Bank.

If you’re serious about getting job-ready, you’ll need a resume. One that doesn’t just get you in the door, but lands you an interview for the role you’re most qualified for.

If you’re looking to create a polished, professional resume that will help set you apart from other job applicants, look no further than Resume Builder from Job Bank.

This free online tool walks you through the process of creating a resume step-by-step, from start to finish. It also has other resources, like career planning, wages, skills assessments, labor market info, the opportunity to match job descriptions with NOCs, and more.

Resource Website: Job Bank Resume Builder

2. Resume BuilderLinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and adequate resources for job seekers. In addition to being an excellent platform for networking, it’s also home to LinkedIn Resume Builder – a tool that can help you create a polished, proficient resume in minutes.

All you need is a LinkedIn account and the ability to export your profile information into a PDF or Word document. From there, you can choose from several resume templates, add your professional experience and skills, and piece together a document that will boost your job readiness.

Resource Website: LinkedIn Resume Builder

3. 240 resume templates – Resume Genius.

If you’re looking for resume templates that are sure to make an impact, there’s no better place than 240 Resume Templates. This collection of over 200 professionally designed resumes is perfect for all types of job seekers, from entry-level to senior positions. From classic resumes to modern designs and even those with a pop of color, there’s something for everyone.

Resource Website: 240 Resume Templates and Examples

4. What to put in a resume? – Indeed.

Every resume is unique, but there are a few core elements that every job seeker should include.

A fantastic guide created by the experts at Indeed outlines the key components that you need to include in your resume. This involves listing your relevant experience and qualifications, as well as including a summary statement that highlights your skills and accomplishments.

This guide also provides tips for writing a cover letter and preparing for an interview, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking to take your job search efforts to the next level.

Resource Website: What To Put in a Resume

5. 55 resume tips for landing interviews – Job Scan.

Once you have your resume ready, it’s time to start applying to jobs. But with so many job applications out there, how do you make sure yours stands out?

Thankfully, Job Scan has a great guide that offers 55 tips for boosting your chances of landing interviews. From tailoring your resume to each job application to researching the company that you’re applying to, these tips provide key strategies for getting your resume into the hands of hiring managers.

Resource Website: 55 Resume Tips to Land Interviews

6. 20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2022 – LinkedIn

Having a killer LinkedIn profile is an essential part of any job seeker’s toolkit. Not only does it help you showcase your skills and experience to potential employers, but it also strengthens your professional network and gives you access to a wealth of valuable career resources.

If you’re looking to upgrade your LinkedIn profile, start by reading this guide from LinkedIn. It walks you through 20 different steps that you can take to improve your profile, from adding a profile photo to sharing your skills and experience.

Resource Website: 20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2022

7. 185 Powerful Action Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome – The Muse.

When it comes to writing your resume, it’s important to use language that will catch the eye of potential employers and make you stand out from the crowd. That’s where powerful action verbs come in.

This guide from The Muse is packed with action verbs that you can include on your resume to make a lasting impression. Choose from words like “created,” “managed,” and “developed” to describe your past experiences in a way that will grab the attention of hiring managers.

Resource Website: 185 Powerful Action Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome

8. How to Quantify Your Resume Bullets (When You Don’t Work With Numbers) – The Muse.

If you’re like most job seekers, you probably think that quantifying your resume is only necessary if you work in a field that deals with numbers. But as this guide from The Muse shows, there are ways to quantify your accomplishments even if you don’t work with numbers on a daily basis.

For example, you can list the amounts of clients you’ve served, the percentage of projects you completed on time, or the amount of money you saved your company. By including these numbers on your resume, you’ll be able to give potential employers a better idea of the scope of your accomplishments.

Resource Website: How to Quantify Your Resume Bullets (When You Don’t Work With Numbers)

9. How to Write a Sales Resume That’ll Close the Deal (Example Included!) – The Muse.

Do you have experience in sales? If so, then your resume should reflect that. This guide from -once again- the experts at The Muse offers tips and advice on how to write a robust sales-focused resume that will help you stand out from the crowd.

It includes information on what skills and qualities employers are looking for in sales professionals, as well as a sample resume that you can use as a guide.

Resource Website: How to Write a Sales Resume That’ll Close the Deal (Example Included!)

10. Resume Pro Breaks Down a PERFECT Sales Resume With Examples | Indeed Career Tips – Indeed.

If you’re looking for even more tips on writing a sales-focused resume, check out this guide from Indeed. It features input from Resume Pro, an expert in the field of resume writing, on what makes a great sales resume.

According to Resume Pro, some of the critical elements of a strong sales resume include quantifying your accomplishments, describing the results of your work, and including any awards or certifications that you may have received.

Resource Website: Resume Pro Breaks Down a PERFECT Sales Resume With Examples | Indeed Career Tips

11. Free Virtual Interview and Resume Workshops – Job Skills.

Finally, if you’re looking for in-person help with crafting your resume or preparing for an interview, be sure to check out Job Skills. They offer free virtual workshops that cover all aspects of the job search process, from writing a resume to acing an interview.

Their workshops are led by experienced professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about helping job seekers succeed. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Job Skills can help you take your career to the next level.

Resource Website: Free Virtual Interview and Resume Workshops

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to make a change, it’s crucial to have the right tools and resources at your disposal.

These 11 resources will help you get started on your job search journey, but it’s up to you to take action and make the most of them. Creating and updating your CV and LinkedIn profile is only the first step. The next is taking a program to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in your field, and then actively applying and networking to get your foot in the door.

Palette Skills upskilling programs are designed to help you quickly transition careers and get a great job in growing industries. All our programs include employer-led projects, 1:1 career coaching, and lots of opportunities to network with hiring managers from fast-growing companies.

If you’re ready to make a change, we can help. Visit our website to learn more!

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