The challenge

As a worker who wants to stay ahead in their career, you know how fast the workplace is changing. You need to figure out how to keep up, but aren’t sure where to turn. You’re not alone.

Technology is changing the way we work and forcing workers to re-evaluate their skills. Many mid-career workers currently in this situation started in their career fields many years ago and never anticipated the need to switch sectors. They know they need to develop new skills, but their path to meet that need is unclear.

We focus on supporting workers in the middle of their careers
who are facing a career change.


By working with employers to design training, we ensure that the skills you’re learning are the most current, relevant and high-demand skills companies are looking for.

Designed for You

We know your priority is to get into a good job as fast as possible. Our programs are short, intensive and optimized for job success to move you through your career transition quickly and effectively.

On-The-Job Training

The best way to show an employer you’re worth hiring is to work alongside them and prove it. Our mid-career co-op program gets you out of the classroom and into the office (and earning money!) as quickly as possible.

Why work with us


We are looking for people who are eager to learn and not afraid of getting out of their comfort zone. Each Palette program will identify a job that is at a high risk of automation and design training to specifically meet the needs of those workers. Generally, we’re looking for participants that fit one or more of the following profiles:

  • You were recently let go from a job with a high risk of automation.

  • You’re new to Canada and trained in a field with high risk of job loss due to automation.

  • You’re returning to the workforce after parenting and trained in a field with a high risk of job loss due to automation.

What we’re looking for