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Fast-changing job market spurs new approach to training

Business in Vancouver Special report: Reskilling, upskilling and micro-credentials key to adjusting to massive workplace disruption. This article originally appeared in Business in Vancouver in January 2021. This article originally appeared in Business in Vancouver in January 2021.

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Upskilling is the Path to Economic Recovery

The most important takeaway from last year is that we are a resilient species. For all the job loss, business closures, loneliness and heartbreak, we also learned that people can do incredible things if they are committed and given the chance. This should be our mantra for 2021 – it is our path to recovery. Canada can recover from the pandemic only when more Canadians can participate in economic expansion. We have the talent, but organizations need to work together to ensure that people have the foundation and skills to succeed in building the economy.

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How Canada can upskill its workforce after the COVID-19 pandemic

Should we prioritize getting people back into their old jobs — jobs whose very existence is increasingly threatened? How do we balance the talent needs in traditional sectors with the growing skills gaps in fast-growing, knowledge-based firms? Canada needs a national approach to upskilling that focuses on technical skills, soft skills and resilience.

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