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Meet our incredible alumni community


Ren Zhu

Data Protection & Privacy Consultant, Deloitte

“The program team was very helpful both during the cybersecurity program and after. They helped me with the job search process by reaching out to people, reviewing resumes and giving general career advice.”


Megan Skelly

Enterprise Business Development, D2L

“SalesCamp gave me my confidence back. After spending six months applying for jobs and receiving zero responses, I’d lost faith in myself and my abilities. The SalesCamp program gave me the tools and connections to start applying again, and to my surprise, I received multiple job offers within a month of completion.”

Henry Vu, cybersecurity training program alum

Henry Vu

Cybersecurity Consultant, KPMG

“Be prepared to learn a lot. Pace yourself and take breaks when you can because there is so much to learn in a short span of time that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. It will be challenging but also very rewarding, so make the best of the opportunity to learn as much as you can and do try to get out of your comfort zone.”

SalesCamp Alumni- Marie Horstead

Marie Horstead

Business Development Representative, Pagefreezer

“SalesCamp is very thoughtfully structured with value built in everywhere. I was blown away how prepared I felt in just 7 days. The support was ongoing after the official course concluded with career counseling and resume workshopping available. The Palette network was actively assisting me even when our class time had concluded.”

Pushkar Chandiok

Sales Account Manager, SoftChoice

“Prior to the Sales Camp, I wasn’t open to starting from an entry level role. However, after my multiple interactions during the networking sessions, my biggest takeaway was that I needed to just get in and then create my own growth path. In tech sales, you can put your experience to good use and then grow really quickly.”

Kate Conway

Kate Conway

Business Development Representative, TouchBistro

“The best thing about SalesCamp was the support from everyone. It was the perfect safe space to fail because you could only go up from there and everyone involved, whether it was campers or facilitators, wanted to build you up as much as possible.”

Alvin Meledath

Alvin Meledath

Customer Success Manager, SoftChoice

“I loved the hands-on, team-oriented experience that SalesCamp provided and enjoyed working on live client pitches and presentations. The Palette community was there to support me from day one and beyond, and they helped ensure that I had the tools and resources to find my dream role!”

Mohammed Maaz

Software Engineer IAM, Mercedes Benz

“I had been job hunting since March 2020 and due to the pandemic there wasn’t much happening. The program helped me build a good network. I discovered where I was going wrong with my resume and I learnt how to become industry-ready.”

Wes Dominique

Director of Mortgage Sales, Edison Financial

“Get out of your comfort zone. SalesCamp is intense, but if you put in the work, you will meet some incredible people and get the tools and support you need to achieve success during and after the program.”

Alumni headshot SalesCamp

Alicia Haber

Account Executive, LinkedIn

“SalesCamp connected me with top tech companies and set me up for success when meeting them. We did interview prep and reformatted our resumes. I learned a lot throughout the journey and it definitely helped me get to where I am now.”

Michael San Felipe headshot

Michael San Felipe

Commercial Account Manager, Softchoice

“Trust the process. Skills learned through SalesCamp are building blocks for a more successful and confident B2B tech sales professional. I felt uncomfortable at times and had to work hard, but the end result is worth it.”

SalesCamp Alumni- Orion Kemp

Orion Kemp

Technical Sales Representative, Wesco Distribution

“If you have any interest in sales, it’s a great introduction into the industry and networking day is great practice to talking to new companies and improving your story. It inspired me to keep networking and that there are no bad connections.”

Kendas Hansen

Kendas Hansen

“SalesCamp was an amazing experience that I will remember as a huge part of my success in the beginning stage of my new career. The support from the cohort was inspiring, since we were all strangers at the start of the week. Everyone helped create a safe space to be myself and you don’t find that everywhere!”

David Morrison headshot

Dave Morrison

Business Development Specialist, The Sales Factory

“One thing that you won’t ever find in the onboarding process of a company however is how to optimize your approach to interviews for new companies. I see this aspect of the SalesCamp curriculum as one of the most important based on the rarity and value of the information. The program is GOLD!”

Jonathan Kobos headshot

Jonathan Kobos

Employment Engagement Strategist, Achievers

“Everyone is there to support you. We all carry this notion that business is selfish, and sales people especially can be slimey. Throughout this journey I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how generous people, VERY successful people, are with their time and their advice. If you’re prepared and you meet them halfway, all you need is to ask.”

Ruhid Mirzayev headshot

Ruhid Mirzayev

Data Scientist, parametrics.ag

“Palette Skills helped me to learn about automation in ag, soil, pest management, ag business, precision ag, data management and networking with the industry leaders. It’s an intensive program taught by highly qualified instructors. There are a lot of skills to be learned and if you don’t know how to switch your career in ag-tech, this program may be the right one for you.”

Kaylea Gray headshot

Kaylea Gray

Sales Development Representative, Achievers

“My experience at SalesCamp was really positive and fun while still being informative and actually useful. The most significant thing I learned in SalesCamp was to stay uncomfortable and be confident in myself at the same time. If you’re willing to put yourself out there and go for it, good things will happen.”

Danny Nguyen headshot

Danny Nguyen

Business Development Representative, Goose Digital

“When I started at Salescamp, I thought I would be cold calling all day and sending bland emails to companies, but you don’t! What I’ve learned is that you help prospects identify the problems they have with their business, and see if your company can help! You’re practically being a hero being assigned to help others in need!”

Dushantha Kularathne headshot

Dushantha Kularathne

“Being a part of this program was a great experience. It was great to meet so many wonderful people and work with them. You should sign up to this program if you want to change your career to digital agriculture. Working hard is the key to achieving it.”

Belal Al Hassani (Billy)

Belal Al Hassani (Billy)

Business Development Representative, The Sales factory

“The inspiration I found at SalesCamp is that if anyone else is finding success & getting remote positions, then so can I.  Some people even said they received their ‘dream’ positions with their ‘dream’ companies. That is very profound to see because it proves that within Tech Sales, there are life changing opportunities.”

Cole Papalazarou

Business Development Representative, StoryTap

“I found inspiration that I actually had the sales skills I needed to succeed in this industry. I learned how to take a lot of the natural skills I had in conversation and selling myself, to translate that to SaaS selling. I was surprised at how many great employers I was connected with at the end.” 

Osama Alumni Headshot

Osama Shahbaz

Sales Associate, Achievers

“Every single person I came across was incredibly uplifting and I felt like I grew a lot as a person because of my experience in SalesCamp. I felt more comfortable in the B2B sales space and loved getting to meet the hiring partners and hearing their stories as individuals and as companies.”

Victor Mouquin

Data Security Analyst, eSentire

I have a PhD in Pure Math and I was an academic. While I enjoyed doing math, I wanted my work to have more of an impact in the ‘real world.’ The depth and solidity of the cybersecurity skills the instructors were able to transmit in only a few weeks was really impressive. The program is well rounded, and touches on all the core aspects of cybersecurity”

Samuel Likeng

Strategic Risk Consultant, Deloitte

Through career coaching, I learnt that I have both the technical and interpersonal skills need to be a cybersecurity professional. I never would have landed this job without the Palette x Fields community. I will be forever grateful for their help.”

SalesCamp alumnus- Alina

Alina Perepnykhatka

New Business Associate, Zensurance

“I absolutely loved it! It was challenging in the beginning but 100% worth it! I liked the learning strategy and all the workshops that we had. Thanks to Matt, Megan and other Palette Skills staff we had a variety of interesting learning activities. Just give it a try! Make that first step outside of your comfort zone and within a few days you will be so proud of yourself for doing that!” 


Jason Rose

Cybersecurity Consultant, KPMG

“The best thing about the Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program was the industry connections. I would not have had a good chance of getting a job in cyber security without them. The staff were very supportive and there were many job-hunting sessions which focused on interview skills, building my resume, networking, etc. The staff were also helpful after the program finished, talking through interview strategies that suited my personality.”

Roger Bai

Blockchain Security Engineer, CertiK

“The program felt that it gave a good introductory exposure to the many areas of cybersecurity. I always thought cybersecurity was mostly a technical field, but there are plenty of areas where deep technical knowledge is not needed, but rather, an understanding of general security principles and managing risks. Through the program’s support, self-study and practice, I set out and accomplished my goal of landing a technical role.”

Meet Our Alumni

Samantha Nichols

Specialist, Foreign Exchange Dealer Support

“A major accomplishment for me through my SalesCamp training was really solidifying techniques and imbuing confidence into tactics I had never considered before. I have incorporated so much of what Matt and Megan have taught in the intensive week course. It is so important to be involved in the lessons and to interact with your fellow cohort. It only assists in your development.”

Alex Bornais

Sales Development Representative, Vena Solutions

“If you really are committed to sales, SalesCamp gives you a great starting point in terms of knowledge and understand and opportunity to get your foot in the door of the industry. Overall I thought the program put me in a good position to meet great people and land a job with an amazing company. I was surprised how much we were able to learn in such little time.”

SalesCamp alumnus- Imran Sheik

Imran Sheik

Customer Success Manager, Firmex

“SalesCamp goes far and beyond the training period where you can always reach out to them for inputs. I got to network with my cohorts who had similar interests which is SALES. This is one stop platform to expand your network, learn and grow.”

Palette Skills Reviews

Kimia Nalchi

Business Development Rep, thoughtExchange

“SalesCamp will change your perspective about approaching people and representing yourself even if you didn’t think sales is the  career you necessarily desired. I cant wait to make connections with others and the program was overall an amazing experience.”

Palette Skills Reviews

Elliot Tang

Security Software Developer, IBM

“The best thing about the program was the wide coverage of everything in the industry from defensive security, offensive security, risk analysis etc. I learned that my previous academic experience as a mathematician and computer scientist was very transferrable to learning about cybersecurity.”

Shalmali Sathe

Sales associate, splice digital

“My experience with SalesCamp was fantastic. Unlike a lot of programs, the content, assignments, and tasks were relevant to what’s actually going on in the industry. The sense of community and the feedback I received from my peers and mentors in SalesCamp was phenomenal. As a newcomer, it gave me a lot of confidence for navigating the Canadian job market.”

Saif Husain Khan

Business Development Representative, PartnerStack

Prior to SalesCamp, I was working as a Quality Engineer at a tech company. Although I enjoyed the technical aspect of engineering, I was completely burnt out and had no idea where to take my career. People assume that transitioning your career is impossible and that you can spend years looking for jobs without finding the right place. My SalesCamp experience helped me to push myself and make the change.

Andrew Perciballi

Sales Development Representative, Venafi

“It was unbelievable meeting with a bunch of other people who were nervous and eager. Everyone had such personal stories and when I looked at my classmates I felt like I was part of something bigger. The process of SalesCamp makes you realize how capable you are of this career switch and let’s you test out some practices and see how they feel.” 

Tina Chiang

Accounts Payable Project Specialist, Beanworks by Quadient

Before SalesCamp, I was a server experiencing listlessness and an eagerness to learn and grow. I wanted to choose a career path where I would still get to interact with people since I am passionate about human interaction. I was surprised to realize that I already had a lot of the soft skills required to succeed in a sales role!

James Miller

Customer Success Manager, ResQ

The experience at SalesCamp was boundary pushing and took me outside my comfort zone in a lot of ways, but it taught me a lot professionally and personally. I found the inspiration to commit to pivoting out of the hospitality industry for good and to apply to positions I didn’t think I had the skills for before SalesCamp. SalesCamp allowed me to see that the skills I had developed during my hospitality career were transferable to other industries.

John Woohyun Choi

Sales Development Representative, Trulioo

Thanks to the Palette Skills Team, my cohort, and the employer partners who participated in SalesCamp I was reminded that my experiences are unique and there are things that only I can offer. For any future SalesCampers, I say: Take initiative, don’t hesitate to ask for help, and be comfortable with going out of your comfort zone. It is an amazing program and you need to put the work in and be attentive to make the most out of it.

Michaela Senkiw

Market Development Representative, TouchBistro

“Before completing SalesCamp, I didn’t realize just how much experience I could bring to a sales role. I was inspired by the other participants in my cohort and their eagerness to transition into tech sales, which gave me an extra push and confidence boost to go after jobs that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I was also inspired by the company partners and the products overall. Tech is a fascinating industry and so are the solutions that some of these different software companies are coming up with.

Lyndsay Park

Sales Development Representative, Vena Solutions

I would have to say the most significant thing I learned was to trust the process, that getting out of my comfort zone would help me the most. A lot of things felt challenging, but I also knew that I had an entire team of fellow SalesCamp colleagues who were there to support my success, give much needed feedback, and encourage me along the way. For anyone who is considering making a career transition, or is simply looking to acquire a new skill, I highly recommend SalesCamp!

Chuck Nguyen

Implementation Specialist, Instant Financial

“The whole cohort was super supportive and inspiring, but also competitive and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Everyone had their own insecurities and were trying to use the camp to become the best version of themselves, and that gave me courage to do the same thing. If you’re lost on your journey of finding a career path or maybe you’re looking to learn and make connections in the tech sales industry, then this is for you!”

Meryl Howsam

Commercial Account Manager, Softchoice

“Working in sales was not what I’d pictured. It is, or should be, about building relationships with customers and learning their needs, not about being a telemarketer. The way we were taught to interact with the customers reminded me a lot of the work I did in my previous career as a publicist.”

Michelle Fernandes

Learning Experience Designer, TuesdayAfternoon Media Inc. (TAM)

“I was inspired by the self-discovery this program challenged me with. I think it is so important to understand what motivates you, who you are, and what your purpose is. The skills and experience you will have at SalesCamp are valuable in so many ways. It is a short investment of your time, with a profound impact on your life and professional success.”

Quynh Trang Bui

Territory Account Executive, softChoice

“SalesCamp was a great experience for me. I got to learn from very dedicated trainers and the people behind SalesCamp truly cared about my success. I felt supported in all aspects including job leads, interview practice, and company research. I didn’t expect to meet with so many hiring partners and tech companies. It was one of the best thing about SalesCamp. “

Brendan O'Sullivan

District Manager, ADP

“Keep being personally accountable and surround yourself with great people; mentor others and be open to being mentored yourself too. The supportive nature of everyone in the program  motivated me throughout the journey. What stuck with me was how interesting and awesome our cohort was.”

Tammy Hart

Business Development Representative, Vidyard

“My experience was more than learning valuable skills, important interviewing techniques, and the amazing opportunity to have conversations with some of Canada’s most innovative tech companies. It was having my drive for success, belief in myself and fire reignited through world-class coaching and support, trusting in the process, being pushed outside of my comfort zone, compacted into the most intense 6 days of my professional life.”

Camila Martinez Saiz

Sales Development Representative, Mentimeter

“SalesCamp really pushed me out of my comfort zone. From day one I was encouraged to believe in myself and just go for it! What we learned in theory was always followed by a practical case where we could role play what we learned and build our confidence. Ultimately, in addition to learning the step by step process of consultative selling, I learned that if I push past my own barriers there is real growth and opportunities that follow.”

Ali Al Lawati

Business Development Rep, MinuteBox

“I was on employment insurance after my previous contract had ended. I was looking for a change and a chance to compile my experience and skills into a rewarding career. Through my training experience, I developed confidence in my skillset and interview skills. After meeting so many fellow participants from different backgrounds, I feel like there are unlimited possibilities to life.”


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