Our mission

Palette’s mission is to help mid-career workers upskill into high demand careers in the digital economy.

We envision a workforce where everyone has the skills they need to thrive, and employers can easily find people with the right skills and experience to grow their companies.

We are motivated by the belief that, with the right tools, workers of all ages and backgrounds can develop the technical savvy and digital literacy necessary to succeed in the future of work.


Our why

We believe that mid-career workers represent a huge untapped talent pool for the digital economy.

As automation increases the precarity of work in certain sectors, this creates an opportunity to retrain and upskill experienced workers and, in some cases, move them into high demand jobs that growing tech companies are struggling to fill. In other cases, workers will remain in their current fields, yet the skills required to do their job will change dramatically as digital tools become integrated into their work.

We created Palette because we fundamentally believe in the limitless capacity of people to adapt to change and learn new skills, provided they are given the right opportunities and support.


Our goals


Reduce anxiety about the future


Address talent shortages for industry

Create new job pathways for mid-career workers


Our story

Palette was developed by Arvind Gupta and AJ Tibando and launched in 2017 in partnership with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E).

BII+E is an independent think tank housed at Ryerson University dedicated to advancing innovation policy that Canadian policymakers can act on. Its research areas include innovation and inclusive growth, skills for an innovation-driven economy, AI and society, and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

The unique relationship between Palette and BII+E provides a mutually beneficial way to continually test research through programming and improve program delivery based on rigorous research evaluation.  

Learn more about the Brookfield Institute and its work.