Our approach

We deliver a powerful upskilling platform that helps mid-career workers whose jobs are threatened by automation gain the skills needed to transition into high demand careers. We accomplish this by bringing together key partners throughout the labour market and workforce to deliver new approaches to mid-career training and adult learning.


The Upskilling Challenge

One of the most significant hurdles for promising Canadian companies is finding the talent with the skills and aptitude necessary to grow and realize their full potential. At the same time, there is a growing demographic of mid-career workers with valuable skills and experience, yet lack in the technical expertise needed to thrive in today’s rapidly changing innovation economy.

Training that is mid-career focused and cross-sectoral does not currently exist at scale. Our main objective is not to simply ensure workers develop the skills employers are seeking, but to ensure these workers secure jobs with an employer in the innovation economy.

Our role in the ecosystem


While there are many organizations addressing aspects of the challenge of upskilling, the effort is currently piecemeal and siloed. Palette serves as the collaborative connective tissue for the workforce development system, so that these organizations can effectively and efficiently connect and leverage their work to deliver the desired training and employment outcomes for workers at-risk due to automation.

Our approach supports a networked system of training providers each working closely with an industrial consortium in need of similar skills. These collaborations are designed to develop rapid, intensive industry-led programs with a mix of in-class and workplace training for mid-career workers with comparable foundational skills.

As a result, workers receive training that is intense, rapid and targeted in an environment where industrial employers play an active role, ensuring that the skills they develop through training will be relevant, valuable and needed.