A typical Palette program consists of a multi-week formal training program accompanied by a 4-month job placement in a role consistent with your training.


Our upskilling model is made up of three core components:


Core Skills

To ensure participants develop relevant, high-demand skills, we convene industry consortiums and work with them to identify their core skill needs and design a curriculum.


Industry-Led Training

To help participants develop referral networks, we have industry leaders in the classroom delivering programming and working alongside students on industry relevant projects.


Work-Integrated Skilling

To provide participants with industry relevant work experience, and building off of best practices in work-integrated learning and job readiness, trainees will receive apprenticeship-style job placements.


What does an employer consider when deciding to hire a worker?

After speaking to dozens of Canadian tech industry leaders, we’ve identified 3 key questions they ask when making hiring decisions:

  • Do they have the right skills and are they a good fit for the job?

  • Were they referred by someone I know or do I know someone that can vouch for them?

  • Do they have work experience in a company like mine?

Who is Palette for?

We help fast growing companies struggling to fill their talent needs. Learn what we can offer employers here.

We support workers in the middle of their careers who are facing a career change. Learn what we can offer workers here.