We’ve designed our programming around the question:

“What does an employer consider when deciding to hire a worker?”

After speaking to dozens of Canadian tech industry leaders, we’ve identified 3 key questions they ask when making hiring decisions:

  • Do they have the right skills and are they a good fit for the job?

  • Were they referred by someone I know or do I know someone that can vouch for them?

  • Do they have work experience in a company like mine?


Our upskilling model is made up of three core components:


Core Skills

To ensure participants develop relevant, high-demand skills, we convene industry consortiums and work with them to identify their core skill needs and design a curriculum.


Industry-Led Training

To help participants develop referral networks, we have industry leaders in the classroom delivering programming and working alongside students on industry relevant projects.


Work-Integrated Skilling

To provide participants with industry relevant work experience, and building off of best practices in work-integrated learning and job readiness, trainees will receive apprenticeship-style job placements.


A typical Palette program consists of a multi-week formal training program accompanied by a 4-month job placement in a role consistent with your training.