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Join our tech sales pilot

Focused on upskilling mid-career professionals through a unique training program that ensures you access to a new pipeline of experienced talent.

Hire seasoned professionals with deep knowledge about the sales process through our “Try-Before-You-Hire” program. You can convert to full-time at any time during the placement.

The first cohort starts June 2019.

What we offer Employers


Faster hires, lower cost

New positions take on average 2.5 months to fill - senior roles even longer. Palette will have a highly skilled candidate placed with your company in 6 weeks or less.

Try-before-you-hire job placement

Test out the potential of new workers to determine whether their skills and attitudes are the right fit for your company.


Program co-design

Contribute to the design and delivery of the training to ensure your recruits develop the right skills for your company and hit the ground running.

Pilot program details

  • Our first pilot program will focus on training technical sales and marketing staff (sales managers, account managers, etc.).

  • The first cohort launches June 2019 with 6 weeks of full time training followed by a 3-4 month job placement.

  • Job placements begin immediately after formal training and are a no-obligation period during which the employer and employee can assess fit.

  • We will screen applicants to assess job fit, foundational skills, ability to integrate into an tech environment.

  • Final decision about job placements are solely at your discretion.

Who you are

  • A company in the GTA seeking experienced technical sales staff.

  • Ready to engage potential staff through a 3-4 month job placements which could lead to a permanent position.

  • Engaged senior leadership open to adopting innovative hiring or on-boarding processes.

  • Willing to provide input into what skills should be taught and the most effective ways to teach it (from your perspective).

Don’t fit this criteria, but still interested?

Please reach out! We are planning additional cohorts and would love to talk to you.